All too soon we had to leave San Francisco. We'd got too used to the chilled out people the laid back lifestyle and even the hills. Luckily we were off somewhere epic... Yosemite National Park.
N.B. In America you can't do a roadtrip justice without buying one of these crazy colourful drinks that they call slurpies for like a dollar. Kinda tastes gross but that's all part of the fun right?

We arrived!!! And what a view to welcome us in.

As we drove for most of the morning to get there, we really only had the afternoon to hike. We decided on one of the shorter hikes where we could take in Vernal waterfall and apparently get some beaut views of the halfdone which both sounded pretty perfect.

Photos from half way up, and nearly there, we had a LOT of rests on the way up which we kidded ourselves were just to take photos. 

After quite a bit of huffing and puffing and consulting a few people on "really quite how much further is it?", and "how many more bends before we see it". We found it!

On the walk up we appreciated the view but when we got to the top we were blown away, it was breathtaking. Seriously one of the prettiest places I have been in my life. I feel so lucky to have seen it, I think I'll make a pact when I'm slightly older and richer to pay for my parents to come out to America and see it as I know my dad especially would love it.

After all that walking we were starving. We had decided to stay in a little town outside Yosemite park to save money. It was a good decision, we stayed in Maryposa a tiny town of just 700 and they had the kind of American diner you can only dream of! The Happy Burger Diner is a real taste sensation, a definite top 5 in bestt burgers I've ever had. I went for bacon cheeseburger and crinkly fries, and they do steiners! 

Nature and food, two of my favourite things.

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