San Fran: Day 3 - Muir woods

Day three in San Francisco began like every other day, with PB and J and plenty of fruit courtesy of our hostel. We'd picked up our car rental the day before and we had a day trip planned for north of the golden gate.

After rolling around some seriously hairpin bends, blasting our roadtrip playlist and singing along at the top of our lungs to chillies roadtrippin' we arrived at the destination of our adventure that day, the Muirwoods.

Majestically tall redwoods that just went on and on...

And on!

After our trek through the forest it was time for the picnic we had brpught and we were by no means roughing it. Our picnic was made up of ham and cheese crackers, schnapple iced tea, mint m&ms (incred!) and lindors, I don't think we could have eaten better if we'd have tried. We found a spot right in the midst of all the foresty dappled sunlight and dug in.

We were having far too good a time eating that before we knew it it was 4pm and we had to race back to the west coast beach for the subset which was supposed to be one of the best in Cali.

But not before a quick stop on the way to get that one snapshot to send to out loved ones back home.

And we made it! Becky was so thrilled to have made it in time to see the sun go down she actually fell over in excitement! 
Which led to us all breaking down in fits of giggles, still quite hysterical we set of in search of more food and then bed.

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