San Fran: Day 2

Our second day on the west coast greeted us once more with bright sunlight. Excited to make the most we rolled out of our bunks and got ready for a day of exploring Alcatraz. 
You can see Alcatraz from the San Francisco mainland but as you draw nearer to the island on the boat a chill seems to descend in the air and the island becomes distinctly creepy.

In the 70's after the island was no longer home to its inmates, Indians occupied the island fighting for their rights their messages can still be read today.

Chilling like villains ... Literally!

The tour of Alcatraz is well worth it I learnt so much about the history that I had no idea of I think it's 30 dollars or so from memory, and you get these super cool headsets to boot! 

Being inside some of the cells was surreal, imagining living there for any length of time was impossible. The whole place seemed hopeless even in the bright sunlight.

Of course that didn't mean we didn't have a little fun!

Standing on the island looking across the bay you could see the whole of San Francisco, so close, but so unreachable due to the strong currents that swept the bay. It was odd imagining how helpless the prisoners must have felt, and strange feeling sorry for people who had obviously done terrible things to end up there but it was difficult not to feel compassion for them, especially when some inmates recounted stories of their time on the island through the headsets. 

I was glad we visited but even happier when we returned once more back to the comfort of the the wharf and the bustle of everyday life.

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