Las Vegas: Day 1

Where better to go after a day exploring one of natures wonders but sin city itself, Las Vegas! We managed to snag pretty good rooms at Caesars because of an Internet deal, so we were all pretty excited. We started the day the American way... Brightly coloured cereal.

After a quick (read numerous arguments) discussion about the route and a check of our roadmap we set off for our 9 hour roadtrip.

As the sun was setting we were drawing closer, Vegas is so strange it's literally in the middle of the desert, there's nothing and then suddenly you drive over the crest of a hill and there it is, a shining star.

We arrived around 8pm and drove the length of the strip snapping photos before finally checking in, it was our first experience with valet parking and I regret to say we were severely unsmooth! The car wasn't looking it's best after 9 hours on the road and we hadn't really prepared the bags. We all got the giggles and kept hushing each other and there were many murmurs of "act cool".

A few snaps of the room, and the jacuzzi bath which was probably the best thing ever, they had that bubble bath that actually bubbles loads like in the movies.

The view from our room was amazing! We could see the bellagio fountains which was a real treat, we all ran dreaming to take a photo and get our instagrams up straight away. It's well worth using that comment section on hotel booking forms, because I just put please could we have a nice view and we got this... Pretty incredible.

They also have those white fluffy robes, we spent the first night living in them and watching movies, not quite the party atmosphere you might expect from Vegas but we loved it.

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