Adventures in San Francisco: Day 1

Ok so it was about a month ago now but I finally have some decent wifi, so I am just gonna pick up where I left off... Cali!

Trying to capture the steepness of a hill on camera never seems to work, I guess the steepness of the San Francisco streets must be seen to be believed.

The first day had one mission find the golden gate and capture it's magnificence on film. We set off not allowing anything to distract us until... A short stroll from our hostel we happened upon the famous winding street that's in all the films.

The obligatory posy snaps had to be taken, and then we wandered off in search once more of the golden gate.

Found it! A happy afternoon was spent pottering around and along the bridge munching strawberries and sipping various iced drinks.

After catching the bus back to fishermans ward we decided it was time for more food and headed to Boudin's who supposedly have the freshest sourdough bowls on the west coast! 
The shops is magical the bread bowls travel around on little wire racks on the shops ceiling and then drop down at the soup counter to be filled with delicious clam chowder.

Looks delicious! Tastes delicious (although I didn't actually have a bowl just tried my friends, but judging by their grunts of satisfaction this stuff was well worth it!)

First day in the golden state was perfect, tomorrow we were off to the Muir woods to hunt out some redwoods.

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