Travelling Essentials

1. Naked Palette, Urban Decay - Literally the best palette I've ever had and the perfect mix of day to night colours. If this is all the eye-shadows I take, that's economical right? and it has a mirror built in! that has to tick some sort of space saving box!

2. ASOS petrol mirror aviators - Every traveller needs a cracking pair of sunnies to hind behind, and protect your pretty eyes from the suns harsh glare. I'm in love with this purpley petrol coloured pair.

3. Road map - For the American Dream section of our travels we are renting a car in San Francisco and then touring round California and the west coast including: Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Los Angeles. Wish me luck driving on the other side! I'm hoping this handy map will be our calm in the storm, in the battle of three British girls vs. the sat nav.

4. Filofax - My sister got me this Filofax for my birthday last year, and it basically got me through final year at university, for once I was organised girl, or at least with the Filofax in tow I looked the part. For travelling I want it to be more like a journal and stick things in, and jot things down that happened, as well as making sure all my flight details are in there.

5. ASOS Bikini - I think ASOS do the best Bikinis they definitely have an unbeatable collection in terms of variety. This one was slightly more expensive at £24.50, but I am hoping it is better made and will last the whole trip, also it was down from £120 or something, so that's a deal too good to miss?!

6. ASOS tropicial print shorts - I love high waisted shorts, or high waisted anything actually, I don't think I shall ever revert to on-the-hip attire ever again. It does me NO favours. I loved the print of these shorts and just couldn't resist, also they are a nice loose thin material so they will fold up really small in my rucksack.

That's it, more essentials and packing tips to come, from a girl who knows nothing of how to pack well or travel light hahaha oh well!

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  1. I love your aviators Katie! I really want one of the Naked palettes! I've heard such amazing things! x