New York: Day3 and 4

For days three and four in NYC we decided to forgo the traditional tourist activities and instead sheltered from the unforgiving snow in one of two ways. The first was by shopping or window shopping being the budget travellers that we are, and the second was by eating. For brunch on day three we decided on an old favourite, coffee shop on Union square. The food is great and pretty cheap and it's a great people watching spot, always busy and buzzy, although maybe avoid it on weekends or face the queues! I went for a California wrap which is served with home fries (amazing chunky roast potatoes) they have to be one of the best accompaniment I've ever had to a dish - high praise.

After a spot of shopping down Broadway and Lafayette street in Soho, we made a beeline for the thing I miss most about New York, 16 handles and FroYo. 16 handles is amazing you go in and are greeted by you guessed it 16 handles all pumping out a different glorious glamour of FroYo, simply chose a cup size then fill it with as many FroYo flavours as you can eat and top it off with everything from gummy bears and m&ms to strawberry and kiwi pieces. You can also get taster pots for all the wacky flavours that you don't wanna eat loads of but you definitely just have to try, I tasted lager lout or something , which unsurprisingly kinda tasted like beer breath - delicious, not, and graham cracker flavour which was amazing and I wish I had got more. As it was our one and only 16 handles I went all out, well actually we all did. If you're ever in New York make 16 handles a priority and you shall not be disappointed. Just. Look. At. It...

After breaking up the day with yet more shopping, we hot footed it to the best burgers in the whole of New York City, Shake shack in Madison square park on 23rd street, just round the corner from where I used to live. By this point the snow was really coming down, and despite my cheery face it was actually pretty cold and wet, so we got our burgers to go and jumped on the subway back to our little apartment in Williamsburg. I may or may not have eaten the entire contents of my to-go bag on the ride home. If you go get a shake as well they are beyond amazing.

Day four started our pretty clear, after investigating the private garden in the grounds of our apartment building and admiring a cracking view of Manhattan, we set off early in search of the holy grail of Sunday boozy brunches, Sunburnt Cow on the lower east side. On arrival the bar was standardly absolutely rammed with New Yorkers and tourists alike already feasting on burgers and all you can drink mimosas for twenty bucks. Slightly crestfallen at not being able to get a table we opted for plan B, Cafeteria in Chelsea. This turned out to be probably one of the best decisions we ever made as it led me to discover their truffle fries, which are every bit as good as the picture below makes them out to be. Amazing fries cooking in truffle juices, with Parmesan grated over the top mmmmmm.

After picking up a few last shopping bits for friends and family, there was time to squeeze in our last tourist snaps at Time Square, and one of the Williamsburg bridge. Then it was home to slowly thaw out and set about the arduous task of cramming everything we came with plus purchases into our already full rucksacks. 

Cheers to New York breakfasts! This was mine on the last day, bagel with cream cheese, blueberries and OJ, annoyingly the sun had finally decided to come out and play but we were moving on to pastures new, next stop San Francisco!

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  1. All the food looks so tasty! You look great too :)
    Luisa xxx