New York: Day 2

Its official I heart New York, but who doesn't hey? Quick snap of what I wore, nothing spesh but you try dressing to be prepared for blizzards. Today the plan was make the most of the forecasted sun by going up the Rockafella and taking a stroll around central park. After a quick stop at Starbucks for an everything bagel with cream cheese for $1.75 (are you hearing this every starbucks in England) we were ready to make the ascent up the Rockafella. I know the done thing is to scale the empire state, but for the life of me I DO NOT know why, I mean if your on the empire state you can't take pictures of the empire state, so whats the point?! The views are way better from the Rockafella as well and you can see central park - bonus!

After taking more touristy, posey photos than I ever thought humanly possible we meandered over to central park to stroll in the snow, and incidentally almost got mowed down by an overenthusiastic snow-shunter-mobile driver who was obviously rather enjoying his job that day. Central park was gorgeous, I have never seen it in the snow before, it basically didn't snow the whole 6 months I was living here'.

I am really unsure how this snow effect photo happened, but I am just going to go with it....

Mr squirrel was right, it was definitely time for some sustenance, we headed to a nearby Juniors for the world famous cheesecake and obviously decided to get entrees as well once we were there. I think I shall hereby rename Juniors heart attack diner looking at the photos of my food choices! carbs on carbs with a side helping of fat anyone? Ugly food granted but it was delicious!

That's all for day two as I think it started to snow again, either that or we took to the shops in glee and rather forgot to take any more photos, until tomorrow...

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