New York: Day 1

It already seems like about a month ago since we were patiently waiting (read: lugging our horrendously heavy bags about like cavemen) to check in at Heathrow airport bound for New York city and the first leg of our travelling adventure. In reality it was less than a week ago, my bad for the blogging silence but frustratingly it seems I can't blog on my iPad, well I could, but the photos would all be different sizes (massive pet hate). I am now in San Francisco at a Hostel with a desktop computer (huzzah!) so blogging can once again commence. Starting with a recap of New York.

We woke up horrendously early, and ever so slightly squished with the three of us sharing 1 bed, in our gorgeous apartment (check out my instagram). After a quick peak out the window to double check that we were actually still in Brooklyn and it hadn't all been a dream we hurriedly dressed and hurled ourselves outside into snow covered Manhattan. We pottered along the streets merrily reminiscing the 6 months we had spent interning in New York, before we caved to hunger and headed to our favourite guilty pleasure diner - Big Daddy's. If you haven't been to this place and you are seeking an all american diner with weird/cool comic book art - go here! its the best!

Sold yet? That milkshake is called the Hoolie Coolie banana split smoothie (oh yeah they love to rhyme their menu items) and its only proper rival is the Cookie Monster oreo smoothie. I managed to get a quick snap of my outfit before we left the apartment, these boots alas did not stay as fresh as this, by the end of the trip and all the trudging through the snow and slush they were distinctly more worn looking ... sigh.

After a severe case of eyes bigger than our stomachs, we decided to try and hide from the snow in one of my favorite museums ever The Met on Manhattans upper east side. There's this room in the Egyptian section that is amazing its a huge open space with this massive pool of still water and everybody whispers... so magical. But hey if you don't believe me see for yourself...

The slush. I cannot even begin to describe how much slush there was, it was at every crossroad meaning you had to jump and dodge your way over at least a metre stretch of icy, slushy water. Thankfully the next day was sunny more to come tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like your adventure started out pretty amazingly, if not for the slush! That milkshake looks and sounds so so good! x