Confession time... I may have... in fact I have...foolishly but wonderfully and with no regrets, bought a new coat in the Zara sale! It was £30 and is probably the nicest coat I have ever owned and comes with the added bonus of making me feel I look my 24 years rather than most people's guess of 19. Just look at it!

After what felt like the 100th person had asked me if I was a student and I had to explain - in my khaki parka that apparently pigeon holes me as the 'student type' -  that I did actually have a proper job. I decided enough was enough and a proper job deserved a proper coat!

I took these pictures when I was back home in Sheffield on Monday, as I had the day off work to tick of f a few things on my 'before travelling to do list' such as: Doctors appointment for malaria jabs, and rope mum into coming shopping for a rucksack with me. I snapped these quickly, and headed off to Hathersage one of the delightfully gorgeous little town/villages just outside of Sheffield and in the middle of the gorgeous Derbyshire countryside. On a side note I watched the most recent Pride and Prejudice recently and I felt proud to see all the local landmarks and fell in love with Derbyshire all over again, it just is glorious. However on this particular day it was grey and drizzly hence no photos. We trailed round the three outdoor shops with me ummming and ahhing and somehow not quite being able to decide which rucksack would be best, sometimes I struggle to make the simplest decisions! However our search was not in vain, we found the sort of thing I wanted and then my mother, being the wonder that she is, promptly found it for about half the price on ebay, I tell you that woman leaves no stone unturned when it comes to bargain hunting. 

After a delicious meal with my parents I was on the fast train back to London for a breezy four day penultimate week at the office before heading of on my adventures. Time seems to be racing on and I feel more and more unprepared by the day. Capitol EEK. 

Coat - Zara (sold out)
Top - Monki
Necklace - Claires accesories (huzzah!)
Trousers - Zara (sold out)
Trainers - New Balance


Instagram update

Looking back at the last two weeks worth or photos it seems as if I have made an unconscious effort to get outside in the countryside and enjoy England while I'm still here. I've also been attempting a bit of a detox in preparation for travelling, and I am not talking weird juice diets. Just clean living, no alcohol, healthy salads and blueberry and yogurt for breakfast. I've noticed I have more energy than normal so hooray for that! Today I spent a happy day clearing out old junk from my room and feeling quite nostalgic after discovering my Maths Champ certificates from Year 6, what can I say, I was a mathlete! I've also spent the day in a state of semi panic which I don't think will abate until I board the plane! First stop NYC, I am the very definition of unprepared!


She may contain the urge to run away

Hoorah Hoorah my first outfit post of 2014 a mere two days after my news years resolution to blog more. It's hard to believe it's actually winter at all in England looking at these pictures. It has been the most delightful Winter so far, crisp and cold granted but plenty !of winter sun as well, Blighty you old charmer

I cannot believe that in three short weeks I will be off gallivanting around the world for 6 months with my best buds. It seems like only last month I was fantasizing about this trip in an effort to keep myself sane during dissertation hell. However it was actually a year ago! When I was 19 I was lucky enough to go to Australia on my Gap year, but now at 24 I've got itchy feet again and am desperate to see and experience more of the world. I'll be posting what I'm packing and any tips I think of on the blog, in case it's of any use to anyone. Then of course I shall be blogging while I am away. I keep having long phone conversations about just how many shoes to take (is 6 too many?!) and what the perfect bikini would look like, ASOS always save me! Don't forget to check back and see how I'm getting on, all tips appreciated!!

Jumper - ASOS now only £29.00!
Skirt - Topshop 
Boots - ASOS simular here


May I have your attention please?

Look who's back... back again... yes I'm back... tell a friend, (wow) and I aim to make 2014 the year I really make this blog what I want it to be. That is, an online space which in 20 years I can look back on and go "Gosh darn it I really was cool!" (haha I kid). I want to be able to look back and remember what I did month to month and year on year, memories are so precious and I worry that if I can't remember what I had for breakfast (cereal?) how am I ever going to really remember all the little things that meant something. The quote below I wholeheartedly believe to be true.

quote #quote

Little day to day moments I may otherwise forget, like breakfast with a best friend, or a spa date with my Mum or even the longest coach journey ever - sort of inevitable on my upcoming trip round the world - they may just be the big things, and boy do I want to remember them. Therefore the only logical thing to do in the digital age is to blog about them right?? I think my problem is I am a bit of a perfectionist about my blog, I have all these so called great ideas whirling around in my brain and I am so inspired by bloggers who already share their worlds, however somehow I lack the time, or more fairly, the determination to sit down and put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). So look out 2014 I'm coming at ya!

p.s. I do not apologize for all the references to eminem