Long Overdue

Well this post is more than long overdue! I don't know quite what happened slash I do, my dissertation happened, and then final year celebrations and then I was away all summer working for International Camp Suisse. Well anyway many moons ago I promised updates on my london excursion, so here are a few instagrams, I know the photos are from so long ago now, but I was looking at them the other day as there may be a slight chance of me moving down there for a bit :)

From left to right: 1. The incredible Rain Exhibition at Barbican Centre (well worth the 2 hour queue!)  2. My favourite brunch spot in London, 3. Byron Burger, Islington, 4. Wrapped up warm, 5. The breakfast in action, 6. Posing at the tube station - tourists! 7. More tourism shots at the BBC Television centre, 8. The Rain room, so amazing, 9. Cute book in the V&A Museum, 10. angel light display in the V&A, 11. Too cool for Primark, 12. I wish this was by bookshelf! 

I have adjusted the layout to my blog as you might notice, check out my shiny new icons which link to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages! I have saved up loads of photos from over the summer which I am going to be posting... starting with graduation. My aim is to post weekly now as I am going travelling in February 2014 and want to keep this blog going while I'm away

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