Graduation song

This summer I graduated from university with a first in Fashion and Textile Management. #hooray #can'tbeliveit #saywhat #graduate. If anybody ever watched Laguna Beach I will always remember their graduation and the cheesy song that played, that is exactly how it felt, happy but very much end of an era. I flew back from switzerland for the weekend and here are some of my favourite photos from the main event.

As I only touched down into England at midnight the day before and we had to be at the graduation location at 9am, it was safe to say everything got a bit stressful from about 6am onwards. I am so not a morning person, as it turned out though we actually all looked very presentable - despite it being possibly THE hottest day of the year (remember the heatwave? yep very shortlived!).

These two beauties have been my bezzies since pretty much the start of uni, and are gonna travel the world with me next year :) We tried the obligatory throwing hats photos with varying degrees of success, all decked out in our summers finest.


You know the person who never takes their sunglasses off? that's my mum, congratulations on looking like a cross between a bug and an alien mum haha.

After the ceremony there was about a gazillion photos taken, and some seriously tasty canapes including little bowls of strawberries and mini eclairs and cakes. However my camera and phone ran out of batteries so I have no photos to confirm their tastiness, you'll just have to trust me.

We pretty much hadn't eaten all day - apart from the aforementioned canapes, so I think (as always) I got far too over eager for food.

It was a brilliant day, rediculously hot, far too many photos and copious amounts of food and ice cream. Extra points for spotting me in the excited mass above - hint: I have my mouth wide open and am pretty central ;)


  1. congrats, gorgeous outfit x

  2. Congrats on the graduation!! I graduated a couple months ago too!! :)


    Followed you lovely!

  3. I love your blog