Does it almost feel like, Nothing changed at all?

I can promise there is no better way to forget about the ever looming D words (say it quietly... diss-a-tation) than sledging! It's actually the perfect antidote fresh air, exercise, best friends. So on April fools day (when else!) we decided to track down, possibly, the last patch of snow in Sheffield.

After the obligatory 90's boyband/sitcom posing, it was time to start the trek... I do not say trek lightly it was a pretty big hill!

Completely worth it! blue skies at the top
Let the sledging commence
The art of trudging to quote A Knightstale (bit of a guilty pleasure in our family if I'm honest) To trudge: The slow, weary, depressing, yet determined walk of a man (or woman) who has nothing left in his (or her) life except the impulse to simply soldier on. Ok possible slightly less relevant to our plight, but nevertheless we were trudging alright!
loving life, and the view from the top!
Double sledging it -  a tricky maneuver only meant for the brave... often ends in collisions
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Every avid sledger loathes the trudge back up the hill
Sometimes you even have to leave a man behind!
But nothing beats the exhilaration, and sheer joy of the journey down, somehow it wipes your memory of how tough the climb was to get there, so quick and so complete is the mindwipe, that you jump from your sledge, turn and begin to run back up the "mountain" before loosing both momentum and enthusiasm at the same time, ending in a possible faceplant situation (see below), before resigning yourself resolutely to "the trudge" once more. 

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GIFs make me happy! A little bit more posing and we were ready to head home

Whats that you say? one more overly posed photo... oh go on then, its a cracker...
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I do love the snow, but I definitely hope thats the last of it! I want sunshine and springtime and pretty closes, actually hold the sunshine until I've finished my dissertation and I can fully make the most. Hope everyone had an Eggcelent Easter 
x x x