Winter fun - LF Stores

Grab your best friend and get out in the cold weather have fun and dream of spring!
Everything is more fun with your best friend by you side, even snow, especially snow!

It's all too easy to just post springtime lookbooks as lets face it everything looks better in the sun. But I stumbled across LF stores holiday lookbook while bowsing about a zillion blogs today in an attempt to put of work! I had such good intentions for today as well. I was going to get up early go to the gym then head to the library. But obviously that didn't happen instead I woke up late watched gossip girl, went to the pub for sunday dinner and caught the first Harry Potter film on ITV. Sound like the perfect sunday? Any final year will tell you that I will be hating myself tomorrow! Managed to take some outfit shots over the weekend so I shall get those up, and also try and do a sort of christmas/January catch up of what I'm been up to recently :)

Just in case any of y'all wanna know!

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  1. Love this lookbook, strange to be feeling festive in Feb! x