Christmas and January - Catch up

My Holidays were filled up with friends, family and snow, my January was filled up with work, sleep, food and snow.

Catching the 'melting ice sculptures' show in Manchester Piccadily Square
Night out with the lads to celebrate two hand ins at the end of first term
My old jeans/ a joke pair of jeans from one friend to another
THE best burger at THE best burger restauraunt you will ever go to Atomic burger Kitchen in Oxford
Moo Moo Mil's milkshakes Oxford, another must!
Presents under the tree, (me and my sister both got the same super cute toy soldier paper from M+S
Christmas Dinner with the Fam (my dad hates photos can you tell)
The most gorgeous christmas dog santa ever met
Christmas lunch - superb
My best friends 23rd - Damn we are old
Valentino exhibition in London - Gorgeous, go and see it, well worth it!
Trip to the Lakedistrict - Ambleside
Me and Big D killing time in Les gets
Me and my soon-to-be-married very gorgeous big sister
The love of my life My cat Izzie



  1. Looks and sounds like you had the most wonderful time! xxx

  2. I love this, looks like you've been having a great little time recently :) the ice sculptures look amazing (as does that burger... YUM!).
    Kaz x

    1. OMG you have to go to the burger place! one in bristol too, SO GOOD! the ice sculptures were so pretty, think it was originally 3 elves but they sort of melted! xx

  3. you are so lucky to see the valentino exhibition! love your blog, and all your personal pictures! i followed! would love you to check out mine! x

  4. lovely pictures! looks like you've been having lots of fun recently!


  5. amazing pictures, I absolutely love that ice sculpture, I wish I had seen it <3


  6. Cute kitty www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk