I'm going to the big smoke this weekend, updates when I return!


(bit excited!)


Christmas and January - Catch up

My Holidays were filled up with friends, family and snow, my January was filled up with work, sleep, food and snow.

Catching the 'melting ice sculptures' show in Manchester Piccadily Square
Night out with the lads to celebrate two hand ins at the end of first term
My old jeans/ a joke pair of jeans from one friend to another
THE best burger at THE best burger restauraunt you will ever go to Atomic burger Kitchen in Oxford
Moo Moo Mil's milkshakes Oxford, another must!
Presents under the tree, (me and my sister both got the same super cute toy soldier paper from M+S
Christmas Dinner with the Fam (my dad hates photos can you tell)
The most gorgeous christmas dog santa ever met
Christmas lunch - superb
My best friends 23rd - Damn we are old
Valentino exhibition in London - Gorgeous, go and see it, well worth it!
Trip to the Lakedistrict - Ambleside
Me and Big D killing time in Les gets
Me and my soon-to-be-married very gorgeous big sister
The love of my life My cat Izzie



It's been cold for years...

Seriously! snow in my home town of Sheffield again last night, and Nottingham is more than chilly, we had a flurry today but thankful its stopped now. When you live a 20 min walk out of Uni the snow is not your friend!
However I seem incapable of even managing a 2 min walk with no snow... completely stacked it today outside my university library. delightful. 

Apart from my brief conversation with the pavement, I have done nothing of intrigue today so instead I shall talk about my weekend plans. On Saturday Me and my best friend are hopping on a fast train to London town to stay with my wonderful sister for two reasons. 
1) I am interviewing the lovely Olivia from What Olivia Did on monday morning for my dissertation and 
2) I managed to score free tickets to see Piers Morgan True Life Stories being filmed. No clue who the celeb is although I have my fingers crossed for David Beckham... aim high and all that!

Polo top - Oasis (old)
Ciffon skirt - ASOS (old)
Tights - Primark
Boots - Primark
Belt - Primark
Scarf - Forever 21

p.s. sorry about the quality of my photos I really need to read my camera manual still, I can take some lovely photos on it but it doesn't seem majorly up for outfit shots which is a bugger.



What a difference a year makes! 

This time last year I was living in New York and had just watched the superbowl in a slightly grimy sports bar, the atmosphere was electric and the Giants won! (GO GIANTS) it was brilliant feeling like a part of it. The half time adverts and shows were spectacular, much hyped but much worth it, one of my favourite memories from my time in NY.
Fast forward a year and I'm back at Uni, watching the half time show on youtube the next day, because I can't afford to stay up until 3am with deadlines a looming! 


Enough reminiscing back to the present day,
At the weekend I finally got an outfit snapped for you viewing pleasure :) I wore this little ensemble for a fun day in the library, and then headed home swapped the jeggings for disco pants and headed back out for dinner at Wagamama's and then drinks and dancing with the girls.
We may or may not have been home by 1am and we may or may not have had a Mcdonalds in tow...

Shirt - charity shop (miss selfridge)
Jeggings  -Topshop
Belt - Primark
Kicks - River Island


Winter fun - LF Stores

Grab your best friend and get out in the cold weather have fun and dream of spring!
Everything is more fun with your best friend by you side, even snow, especially snow!

It's all too easy to just post springtime lookbooks as lets face it everything looks better in the sun. But I stumbled across LF stores holiday lookbook while bowsing about a zillion blogs today in an attempt to put of work! I had such good intentions for today as well. I was going to get up early go to the gym then head to the library. But obviously that didn't happen instead I woke up late watched gossip girl, went to the pub for sunday dinner and caught the first Harry Potter film on ITV. Sound like the perfect sunday? Any final year will tell you that I will be hating myself tomorrow! Managed to take some outfit shots over the weekend so I shall get those up, and also try and do a sort of christmas/January catch up of what I'm been up to recently :)

Just in case any of y'all wanna know!