While working at camp is super fun the days are long and when you get a day off you learn to take FULL advantage. This year my friend Abiy had a car at camp so on our day off we jumped into the car with a packed lunch and cruised down to Evian in France... yep where the water comes from. We pitched up at the side of the lake and got down to some serious sun bathing and packed lunch eating!

Anybody else just love nectarines?

Tuna baguettes are food of the gods, don't let anyone tell you differently.

After lunch we somewhat successfully secured our beers in the complimentary fridge (lake) right by our sunny little cove and dozed and read away the afternoon.

Soon we were hungry again! and packed up our makeshift camp in search of further sustinance, not without the obligatory jumping pictures to send home to our mums.

We wandered down the lakeside and to say Evian is picturesque is an understatement... just. look. at. it.

Hiya everyone

After perusing several restaurants we finally chose a budget friendly one a little too close to the road for comfort, but hey the food was yummy, we ordered a goats cheese salad and margarita pizza with monaccos, Frances answer to cider and black. Soon we were full and had had more than our fair share of sun intake for the day, so we wandered back to the car via a crystal clear Evian water pump.

Peace out Evian, cheers for a perfect day, see you next year!


Graduation song

This summer I graduated from university with a first in Fashion and Textile Management. #hooray #can'tbeliveit #saywhat #graduate. If anybody ever watched Laguna Beach I will always remember their graduation and the cheesy song that played, that is exactly how it felt, happy but very much end of an era. I flew back from switzerland for the weekend and here are some of my favourite photos from the main event.

As I only touched down into England at midnight the day before and we had to be at the graduation location at 9am, it was safe to say everything got a bit stressful from about 6am onwards. I am so not a morning person, as it turned out though we actually all looked very presentable - despite it being possibly THE hottest day of the year (remember the heatwave? yep very shortlived!).

These two beauties have been my bezzies since pretty much the start of uni, and are gonna travel the world with me next year :) We tried the obligatory throwing hats photos with varying degrees of success, all decked out in our summers finest.


You know the person who never takes their sunglasses off? that's my mum, congratulations on looking like a cross between a bug and an alien mum haha.

After the ceremony there was about a gazillion photos taken, and some seriously tasty canapes including little bowls of strawberries and mini eclairs and cakes. However my camera and phone ran out of batteries so I have no photos to confirm their tastiness, you'll just have to trust me.

We pretty much hadn't eaten all day - apart from the aforementioned canapes, so I think (as always) I got far too over eager for food.

It was a brilliant day, rediculously hot, far too many photos and copious amounts of food and ice cream. Extra points for spotting me in the excited mass above - hint: I have my mouth wide open and am pretty central ;)


Long Overdue

Well this post is more than long overdue! I don't know quite what happened slash I do, my dissertation happened, and then final year celebrations and then I was away all summer working for International Camp Suisse. Well anyway many moons ago I promised updates on my london excursion, so here are a few instagrams, I know the photos are from so long ago now, but I was looking at them the other day as there may be a slight chance of me moving down there for a bit :)

From left to right: 1. The incredible Rain Exhibition at Barbican Centre (well worth the 2 hour queue!)  2. My favourite brunch spot in London, 3. Byron Burger, Islington, 4. Wrapped up warm, 5. The breakfast in action, 6. Posing at the tube station - tourists! 7. More tourism shots at the BBC Television centre, 8. The Rain room, so amazing, 9. Cute book in the V&A Museum, 10. angel light display in the V&A, 11. Too cool for Primark, 12. I wish this was by bookshelf! 

I have adjusted the layout to my blog as you might notice, check out my shiny new icons which link to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages! I have saved up loads of photos from over the summer which I am going to be posting... starting with graduation. My aim is to post weekly now as I am going travelling in February 2014 and want to keep this blog going while I'm away


Does it almost feel like, Nothing changed at all?

I can promise there is no better way to forget about the ever looming D words (say it quietly... diss-a-tation) than sledging! It's actually the perfect antidote fresh air, exercise, best friends. So on April fools day (when else!) we decided to track down, possibly, the last patch of snow in Sheffield.

After the obligatory 90's boyband/sitcom posing, it was time to start the trek... I do not say trek lightly it was a pretty big hill!

Completely worth it! blue skies at the top
Let the sledging commence
The art of trudging to quote A Knightstale (bit of a guilty pleasure in our family if I'm honest) To trudge: The slow, weary, depressing, yet determined walk of a man (or woman) who has nothing left in his (or her) life except the impulse to simply soldier on. Ok possible slightly less relevant to our plight, but nevertheless we were trudging alright!
loving life, and the view from the top!
Double sledging it -  a tricky maneuver only meant for the brave... often ends in collisions
nKC1vt on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Every avid sledger loathes the trudge back up the hill
Sometimes you even have to leave a man behind!
But nothing beats the exhilaration, and sheer joy of the journey down, somehow it wipes your memory of how tough the climb was to get there, so quick and so complete is the mindwipe, that you jump from your sledge, turn and begin to run back up the "mountain" before loosing both momentum and enthusiasm at the same time, ending in a possible faceplant situation (see below), before resigning yourself resolutely to "the trudge" once more. 

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GIFs make me happy! A little bit more posing and we were ready to head home

Whats that you say? one more overly posed photo... oh go on then, its a cracker...
HBml7K on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

I do love the snow, but I definitely hope thats the last of it! I want sunshine and springtime and pretty closes, actually hold the sunshine until I've finished my dissertation and I can fully make the most. Hope everyone had an Eggcelent Easter 
x x x



I'm going to the big smoke this weekend, updates when I return!


(bit excited!)


Christmas and January - Catch up

My Holidays were filled up with friends, family and snow, my January was filled up with work, sleep, food and snow.

Catching the 'melting ice sculptures' show in Manchester Piccadily Square
Night out with the lads to celebrate two hand ins at the end of first term
My old jeans/ a joke pair of jeans from one friend to another
THE best burger at THE best burger restauraunt you will ever go to Atomic burger Kitchen in Oxford
Moo Moo Mil's milkshakes Oxford, another must!
Presents under the tree, (me and my sister both got the same super cute toy soldier paper from M+S
Christmas Dinner with the Fam (my dad hates photos can you tell)
The most gorgeous christmas dog santa ever met
Christmas lunch - superb
My best friends 23rd - Damn we are old
Valentino exhibition in London - Gorgeous, go and see it, well worth it!
Trip to the Lakedistrict - Ambleside
Me and Big D killing time in Les gets
Me and my soon-to-be-married very gorgeous big sister
The love of my life My cat Izzie