Outfit post 7 - Floral Print

This outfit reminds me of my 'party outfit' circa 1999, which comprised
 of bright mulitcoloured leggings and a bright multicoloured jumper which
 I used to wear to EVERY. single. Party.
Until one fateful day my mother proclaimed the leggings 'just for tree scrabbling,'
as I had taken one too many  knee-slides at the 20p School Disco.
The phrase ''Those were the day's'' comes to mind.

Gem Studded Platform Heels -  75, Miss Selfridge
Playsuit - $13.99, Beacon's Closet Brooklyn
Belt - Vintage
Cardigan - $20.00, H&M
Suede Clutch Bag - 25, Miss Selfridge

Pretty much the Perfect outfits for more Knee-slides, Nights out around Manhattan!



LF Stores Look book 2012
Colour blocking, the pastel neon way - LOVE
It is gradually warming up in NYC although we still have the odd April
definitely can't wait for full fledge Summer!
Sunbathing in central park and long weekend road trips - HELL YEAH

Phots by Daniel Kincaid
Styling by Alexandra Sherman and Brittney Bowles
Model - Hailey Clauson

Outfit post 6 - Neon Neon

Neon green? Yeah who knew right... It's everywhere at the moment
although I would say it's definitely a less is more situation, unless your channeling
ABBA or something equally horrific!
I also need neon green nail varnish in my life, but I am yet to find the right shade.
Might make it my purchase of the weekend, how Easter appropriate.
I am spending my Easter Saturday at Six Flags this weekend loving life and going crazy on to Coasters...

Happy Easter x

Jumper - $24.99, H&M
Neon Vest - $7.99, Forever 21
Belt - Vintage hand me down
Satchel - Miss Selfridge
Nail Varnish - Barry M
Cut out Wedges - Topshop, Lent to me by my bestie <3