Granny's Closet

I Love Wildfox campaigns, they always showcase their collections beautifully, photographed 
in a tongue in cheek, obvious way. Some of my happiest memories are of dressing up in 
items from my granny's closet with all my brothers and sisters... so I knew I would love
 this collection. Chunky knits, blue rinses, knitting, gardening and bingo... 
Wildfox's grannys would be proud.

Also what better escape fro drowning in my (chocolate fuelled) university work 
meltdown is there than looking at gorgeous photos of spring and summer themed 
loveliness. I want winter to go away now! but not before Christmas or my skiing holiday :)

I am going to get back into regularly blogging and taking outfit photos, 
it's all taken rather a back-seat this summer and then starting back 
at Uni for my final year has been mega intense 
yahdah yahdah yahdah....NO EXCUSES. 
I'm back

(all photos taken from I LOVE WILDFOX, Kimberly Gordons gorgeous blog.)

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