Birthday Fun

    Birthday stroll
    Birthday food and goodies
    ... and then we jumped in a pile of leaves

So Bonfire night also happens to be my birthday and this year I turned 23... blatantly young enough for cheeky vimtos still right? So some of my beautiful friends embarked on the perilous journey to Nottingham, from all corners of the globe England for the weekend... it was brilliant! We ate far too much food (pictured) and possibly drank too much drink. Highlights include; deep water aqua (check your local gym, most hilarious thing ever! My brother popping up to notts for my birthday lunch. Eating so much I felt violently ill and generally loving life on Saturday and Monday night :) 
I didn't actually watch any fireworks, I guess everyone with a birthday on a special occasion (halloween, christmas etc) gets just as bored with celebrating the actual day as part of your personal birthday every year. I have had fireworks on every birthday I can remember, I guess this year was a refreshing change and no doubt I'll be waving sparklers with the best of them come my 24th!

Its beyond cold in my room at the moment because my radiator has decided to break... BOO. Tomorrow brings with it the thrilling prospect of dissertation preparation, wish me luck!


  1. cute photos :D

    X Jenny

  2. I totally understand what you mean about having a birthday on a special day and being 'over' that day. My birthday is the day before NYE and I never want to do anything because I'm always exhausted from Christmas and the rest of the silly season.


    1. My friend has her birthday on boxing day and she hates it because noone is ever around, this year I'm going to try and make it super special though, hope yours is a good one too! at least it'll be sunny in Adelaide!