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Huge HIMYM fan right here!


Lovely Sally leggings - White horse and a Cherry tree

I love these legging by Lovely Sally see the full collection here, maybe not to everyone's taste but I think their awesome, definitely have my eye on the wolfy ones next. This was just a quick outfit post as I was on the way into Uni and we were kinda late already, not the best photos but I thought I would share anyway, I also took the opportunity to show you guys my new coat, it's by Mango but I got it from the ASOS site so that I could get discount (sneaky). Such a beaut of a coat warm and toasty for winter. 
I'm currently enjoying a chilled weekend at home where my one aim is to eat my self into a stupor make some progression on my dissertation! Sheffield is so pretty in the autumn and in my house your never too far away from a cat (or three). Also me and my besties went to see the final twilight, breaking dawn part 2, yesterday, and. it. was. perfect! Won't say too much but all the rumours about a different ending are definitely true! 
Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend x x x 

Hat - Miss Selfridge
Cardigan - H&M
Boyfriend T - ASOS
Leggings - Lovely Sally
Boots - Topshop


Body of an Angel - Victoria Secret Resort 2012

                                The Show begins...
                                Candice Swanepoel
                                   Karlie Kloss and Mirander Kerr
                                                Barbara Fialho and Bregje Heinen
                                    Mirander Kerr and Alassandra Ambrosio
                                             Alassandra Ambrosio
                                       Adriana Lima and Mirander Kerr

                                    Beheti Prinsloo - amazing outfit!
                                 Fave outfit!
                                   Cara Delevingne and Doutzen Kroes

      Ummmm so yeah, definitely wish I had the body of a Victoria's Secret Angel, one day... #keepdreaming!

All pictures taken from Studded HeartsVogue, The Huffington Post, and Harpers Bazaar


Swinging in the back yard, Pull up in your fast car...

So this is my first outfit post in a very long while, I got a new lens for my birthday and I think it's going to help me take way better photos so hoorah for that. I am in love with this skirt although it isn't actually mine borrowed it off a friend for my birthday outfit and then sneakily used it for this outfit, cheers sam :)

I am hating the weather at the moment in Nottingham it's been so cold and rainy and the daily 20 minute trudge into uni is no fun at all, especially now they have a new Sainsbury's local on the way in, far to tempting to dash in and buy a doughnut/chocolate bar, baked good/all three!! So far I have been pretty good however, trying to suck it up so I can pig out as Christmas. 

How good are the new secret boards on Pinterest btw, I am DEF planning all my Christmas presents on there now, it is the most addictive thing ever. I find when browsing Pinterest, hours and even whole days melt away and you come out of your Pinterest coma with a greater love of harry potter/doctor who/LOTR, and a burning desire to both loose weight and bake cakes simultaneously.... just me???

Taking the above into consideration, if you still want to have a look at my pins you can have a gander here :)

Polo neck - DKNY (slash my bargain buy from OXFAM!)
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Outfitters


Birthday Fun

    Birthday stroll
    Birthday food and goodies
    ... and then we jumped in a pile of leaves

So Bonfire night also happens to be my birthday and this year I turned 23... blatantly young enough for cheeky vimtos still right? So some of my beautiful friends embarked on the perilous journey to Nottingham, from all corners of the globe England for the weekend... it was brilliant! We ate far too much food (pictured) and possibly drank too much drink. Highlights include; deep water aqua (check your local gym, most hilarious thing ever! My brother popping up to notts for my birthday lunch. Eating so much I felt violently ill and generally loving life on Saturday and Monday night :) 
I didn't actually watch any fireworks, I guess everyone with a birthday on a special occasion (halloween, christmas etc) gets just as bored with celebrating the actual day as part of your personal birthday every year. I have had fireworks on every birthday I can remember, I guess this year was a refreshing change and no doubt I'll be waving sparklers with the best of them come my 24th!

Its beyond cold in my room at the moment because my radiator has decided to break... BOO. Tomorrow brings with it the thrilling prospect of dissertation preparation, wish me luck!


Granny's Closet

I Love Wildfox campaigns, they always showcase their collections beautifully, photographed 
in a tongue in cheek, obvious way. Some of my happiest memories are of dressing up in 
items from my granny's closet with all my brothers and sisters... so I knew I would love
 this collection. Chunky knits, blue rinses, knitting, gardening and bingo... 
Wildfox's grannys would be proud.

Also what better escape fro drowning in my (chocolate fuelled) university work 
meltdown is there than looking at gorgeous photos of spring and summer themed 
loveliness. I want winter to go away now! but not before Christmas or my skiing holiday :)

I am going to get back into regularly blogging and taking outfit photos, 
it's all taken rather a back-seat this summer and then starting back 
at Uni for my final year has been mega intense 
yahdah yahdah yahdah....NO EXCUSES. 
I'm back

(all photos taken from I LOVE WILDFOX, Kimberly Gordons gorgeous blog.)