Ebay clear out

 I'm having a clear out!! going back to university for my final year and as per usual skint!
Check out the items I have for sale here

Soz about my awkward posing and that I'm far too in love with that beanie for my own good!



Summer Blues

It's been a very long and very hot summer (zero time spent in England helps).
These photos are just a little insight into what I've been up to, coming home from New York, working in Switzerland for 2 weeks and driving around France in a banger with my two best friends, tan lines and in jokes galore.
I'll follow them up with more detailed posts soon. How great is PicMonkey btw?? I wish I had instagram but alas alack... I don't. Enter PicMonkey and now, well now...  I pretty much do. Hooray!

From left to right snapshots of summer include:
Waving goodbye to the Empire state. By myself. Like. A. Loon.
Starting the long flight back home across the Atlantic.
Me and two of my siblings at the olympics, sorry no paraphernalia, but we were there!
Me being a noob in La Pompadour Paris,
Salad and pringles by La Etang Blanc, (white salt lake to not frenchies).
Playing with two crazy dogs in Bordeux,
My bezzies baylife-ing it and doing cartwheels in Paris, nb: I can't cartwheel!
Sneak peak of an upcoming outfit post,
Posing like troupers on bikes we certainly hadn't paid for,
Posing again,
Hiya Arc de Triomphe,
Dressing up my gorgeous cat in my fathers glasses,
Killing time on the ferry journey,
Being fools n Bayonne,
and Loving life in France generally.

Don't you just love summer with your friends!!