Tattoo - White Ink

Testing out the Macro on my Cam - and showing of my Tattoo...(soz about the fake tan!)
Unlikely to be to everyone's taste but I love it, might get it redone with more white ink when I'm back in England come August, so that it's brighter.

Wahhhh had to stay late at work the last two nights, oh the joy of being a Fashion intern, read:office bitch.
Pretty much gonna settle straight down to a night of eating :) ...watching new girl and apprentice on TV.

p.s. I do take advantage of being in NY never fear! I was living it up at the Met Gala on Monday
evening. By living it up I mean standing on tip-toe behind all the paparazzi craning my neck to see the dashing Chace Crawford! then sittin/standing awkwardly on a walk of spikes to catch a glimpse of 
the actual eventand glimpse we did.....Post to come :)

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