Perfect Spring-time Outfit

So hooray it has finally happened New York is officially in spring. After what felt like a
month of rain followed by a week of humid, sticky days... I woke up this morning to
 perfect sunshine with a breeze. A Breeze, not had one of those in a LONG time.

So I thought I thought I would share the pieces I'm lusting over at the moment.
Unfornately I won't be able to puchase until the end of May as me and my best friend
 Rebecca (she has a blog too check it out here) are on a spending ban.
Hmmmm best not mention the splurge in American Apparel the other day then!

Seeing as I am addicted to lilac, hard edge shoes, rose gold, and anything remotely
Willow-pattenered-esque since Rodates S/S 11 collection...
this is pretty much simply my dream outfit of the moment.

1. Printed Playsuit $24.95 - H&M
2. Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe shoes - Solestruck
3. Lilac Mesh Jumper 28 pounds  - Next
4. Rose gold watch 45 pounds - Next
5. Nailvarnish in Moonshine - Topshop
6. Black leather slouch bag 80 pounds - Next

Really hope June rolls around fast!

p.s. Currently typing this from an american keyboard hence no pound symbols,
will change when I get home... or maybe i'll leave it to be an individual


  1. Erm please tell me why u don't have more followers??? Your blog is so cool and your style is wicked sooo jealous of you living in NYC :)



    1. Thank you! I shall have a look at your blog tomorrow :)