Outfit post - Tropical summer

So as promised this is what I wore out the other night, I literally had to buy this
 shirt even though I'm trying not to buy clothes in May... I've wanted it for ages
 and could never find it. Then on friday my friend dragged me into Zara
to help her decide which colour of shoes to buy and there it was! Suffice to say
 I left with the shirt and she left with no new shoes...ooops bad friend!
It's made of the softest denim ever and the sleeves are silk so it will be perfect
 for humdrum summer days in England when I eventually go back.
The skirt is from h&m and is basically a poor man's Louis Vuitton
 laser cut creation. I LOVE.
We has a fun night at Westway for my friend's 21st Birthday and although
 Chace Crawford wasn't there, (brokenhearted). I thought I spotted
 Robert pattinson in the corner and was all set to go over when I was told
 categorically by my best friend that it was not him nor did it look
 remotely like him... little bit awkward to say the least and probably the
reason that one should never do Tequila shots. ever.
Shirt - $49.90  Zara
Skirt - $29.99 H&M
Socks - $9.00
Ankle boots - 40 pounds Topshop