Outfit post 8 - CLash

Sometimes the only way to wear patterns is head to toe,
I believe these two patterns look good together - so shoot me :S
A small photo spree occurred this weekend in my little apartment so lots more
outfits posts to come - HOORAY

I also decided to go gluten free from Friday for 2 weeks as a trial
to see if it make me feel better - fingers crossed - I'll keep you posted (literally, haha funny me)
how it goes.
Sorry I'm such an awkward smiler btw, my best friend told me I should smile
more in the photos I put on here. So blaim her for the grimace achieved in most posts.
 I am trying but when one's camera happens to be precariously perched on top of a several books AND a CD case, atop ones rickety clothes rack, just achieving a self timer seems medal worthy. 
''Oh shit, there goes the camera again''  is what my face is actually saying.
(Shoes and Cropped shirt- Urban outfitters, Baggy pants H&M)

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