Let them wear Disco Pants

Disco pants - I have always loved them but thought I could never in a million
 years pull them off, then I found some in the American Apparel Warehouse
sale and somehow when you buysomething at half price it more than qualifies
 as wearable... right?

Anyway I L-O-V-E them, be prepared to see a lot more of these badboys in
my upcoming posts. Slash perhaps not seeing as NYC weather has decided to
go pyscho on my ass and wearing anything more than skirts and t-shirts seems
 borderline suicidal. Serously, not even kidding stepped out of work yesterday
 and thought I'd somehow slid into a warm bath... and a sticky one at that, the
walk home from work was like wading through warm soup - sounds fun - isn't!

Me and my flatmates are braving the long, hot nights by sleeping with frozen
 bottles of ice - ingenious. Never thought I'd be so happy to come to work and
sit in the free air-con - trials of an intern eh?

Shirt $10 - Urban Outfitters
Disco Pants $40 - American Apparel Warehouse sale
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Miss selfridge (old)


Outfit post - Tropical summer

So as promised this is what I wore out the other night, I literally had to buy this
 shirt even though I'm trying not to buy clothes in May... I've wanted it for ages
 and could never find it. Then on friday my friend dragged me into Zara
to help her decide which colour of shoes to buy and there it was! Suffice to say
 I left with the shirt and she left with no new shoes...ooops bad friend!
It's made of the softest denim ever and the sleeves are silk so it will be perfect
 for humdrum summer days in England when I eventually go back.
The skirt is from h&m and is basically a poor man's Louis Vuitton
 laser cut creation. I LOVE.
We has a fun night at Westway for my friend's 21st Birthday and although
 Chace Crawford wasn't there, (brokenhearted). I thought I spotted
 Robert pattinson in the corner and was all set to go over when I was told
 categorically by my best friend that it was not him nor did it look
 remotely like him... little bit awkward to say the least and probably the
reason that one should never do Tequila shots. ever.
Shirt - $49.90  Zara
Skirt - $29.99 H&M
Socks - $9.00
Ankle boots - 40 pounds Topshop


Outfit Post - If I'd gone to Coachella

... My coachella dream outfit would have looked a lot like the outfit above, possibly
a-little-lessshoeboot a-little-more Vans Chukka's (NEED) get them here.
I have so much new stuffI need to show you guys, might take some
instagram photos of my most recent purchases.
(By recent I meant last month... hello shopping ban.)

It's the second day of Glorious Sunshine in NYC, and I can smell the
weekend! #TGIF Out tonight for one of my bez's Birthdays, I'll try and get some
 outfit snaps so I can post them... will have to be from my friends camera though
 *sigh.... oh the perils of having

Denim jacket 10 quid - Primark
Bralet - Miu Miu (I jest, I joke - ASOS)
Shorts $19.99  - Forever 21
Shoes $15 - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Miss Selfridge


Perfect Spring-time Outfit

So hooray it has finally happened New York is officially in spring. After what felt like a
month of rain followed by a week of humid, sticky days... I woke up this morning to
 perfect sunshine with a breeze. A Breeze, not had one of those in a LONG time.

So I thought I thought I would share the pieces I'm lusting over at the moment.
Unfornately I won't be able to puchase until the end of May as me and my best friend
 Rebecca (she has a blog too check it out here) are on a spending ban.
Hmmmm best not mention the splurge in American Apparel the other day then!

Seeing as I am addicted to lilac, hard edge shoes, rose gold, and anything remotely
Willow-pattenered-esque since Rodates S/S 11 collection...
this is pretty much simply my dream outfit of the moment.

1. Printed Playsuit $24.95 - H&M
2. Jeffrey Campbell Roscoe shoes - Solestruck
3. Lilac Mesh Jumper 28 pounds  - Next
4. Rose gold watch 45 pounds - Next
5. Nailvarnish in Moonshine - Topshop
6. Black leather slouch bag 80 pounds - Next

Really hope June rolls around fast!

p.s. Currently typing this from an american keyboard hence no pound symbols,
will change when I get home... or maybe i'll leave it to be an individual


Outfit Post 11 - Lost belongings

Last weekend I went to Washington D.C. little did we realise that DC due to it's politcal prowess is actually not classed as a state at all! #factoftheday

Anyway munchkin that I am I managed to loose/leave behind both this Yale jumper which
 is one of my wardrobe staples hence massive fail.... and my camera...even bigger failwhale.
I have this post and one more saved on my computer but after that my outfit posts will be
haulted due to searching (and saving) for a new camera, preferably an SLR.

Love this skirt from Forever 21, me and my friends went on a crazy midnight shopping
dash to the Forever 21 in Times Square...probably one of the best decisions we ever made
- less crowds and nicer clothes = happy, happy me.

Shirt - Primark
Skirt - Foever 21
Necklace - Forver 21
Jumper - Forever 21
Shoes - Urban Outfitters


Met Gala 2012

Above are my picks of the Best Dressed at the Met Gala 2012.
If you look hard at the picture of Gwyneth to the right of the taxi are loads of
 people cheering... well I was there standing on a spiked railing (still got the scars)
and craning my neck for the best view of the 'stars' and of course the dresses.
Best moment was probably when the crowd were shouting Justin Timberlake's
name andhe turned around and did a little dance for us #amaze
Me and my friends were also lucky enough to see many of the lucky invitees,
 including thegorgeous Chace Crawford, coming out of their hotel on the way to
the event. We managedto get a photo with Chace although I was far too
starstruck to even say anything and I was shaking like a leaf.
Play it cool...look like a fool?!
Anyway enough of my mundane chatter more about the dresses:
1. - Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior (my fave dress of the night)
2. - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Burberry (we actually saw her coming out of the hotel
escorted by Mario Testino... pinch yourself moment)
3. - Lily Collins looked beautiful in Valentino
4.  - Emma Stone in Lanvin
5. - Beyonce in Givenchy (last to arrive, we waited ages, SO.WORTH.IT.)
6. - Camille Belle in Ralph Lauren
7. - Kate Bosworth in Prada
8. - Joan Smalls in Balmain
9. - Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada
10. Chace Crawford (because he's FIT) in Kenneth Cole
11. - Jaime King in Topshop (Hoorah!)


Tattoo - White Ink

Testing out the Macro on my Cam - and showing of my Tattoo...(soz about the fake tan!)
Unlikely to be to everyone's taste but I love it, might get it redone with more white ink when I'm back in England come August, so that it's brighter.

Wahhhh had to stay late at work the last two nights, oh the joy of being a Fashion intern, read:office bitch.
Pretty much gonna settle straight down to a night of eating :) ...watching new girl and apprentice on TV.

p.s. I do take advantage of being in NY never fear! I was living it up at the Met Gala on Monday
evening. By living it up I mean standing on tip-toe behind all the paparazzi craning my neck to see the dashing Chace Crawford! then sittin/standing awkwardly on a walk of spikes to catch a glimpse of 
the actual eventand glimpse we did.....Post to come :)


Outfit post - Velvet and Beagles

I saw this top in Forever 21 and knew that I needed it in my wardrobe
as a matter of urgency... seriously I love it. I feel the beagle pictures must
 have a name so henforth he shall be... Gareth... yep Gareth the dog. 

The first time I wore Gareth to work was quite an eventful day in the comment.on.what.the.intern.wears department.
People couldn't get enough. Seriously. My sweater (and Gareth) was quite the
 celebrity for the day so much so that someone actually ran out to Forever 21
 at lunchtime and purchased the same top 'for a friend' (a likely story ^ _ ^)

Anyway Blahblahblah... I LOVE it, and it was only $7.99
barg of the century? or at least the week!
The skirt is also from Forever 21 although I actually got in in England
 last year when the new Westfield Stratford opened.

Happy bank holiday Monday pretty people in england, happy
standard.monday.at.work to everyone else!


Oh to be....

Charlotte Free for Numero Tokyo
Model: Charlotte Free, Photographer:Eric Guillemain
In the words of Chandler... ''Could this girl BE any cooler?'' Nope... I don't think she could.
It has just been announced that she will be the new face of both the cosmetic giants
Maybelline and Clothes store Forever 21 as well.
I'm trying to work out a plan to achieve pink hair without having to bleach my natural
colour out....so far not much luck!
I NEED pink hair at some point in my life...prefereably before I graduate from university
 and have to get a 'proper' job.


Outfit post 9 - Summer Turquoise

Loving the bold choice of colour with these shorts, which also happen to be super
 comfy... BONUS! This white crop top is an old favourite and the shoes are my
'go to shoe' to add a little grunge to an otherwise sunny outfit.
This outfit gets me a little bit too excited for summer... shame its raining
 in NYC
 (ok not quite but whats with drizzle #englandweathermuch!)

I've just booked my accomadation for when I go to Washington. wahhhhhhh
excited doesn't even come close...ROAD TRIP with the speakers blearing!
 slash Megabus with my ipod, but who gives.
Tea and scones at the Whitehouse seems appropriate and me and my flatmates are all dreaming about Nando's... yep that's right all the amazing food in NYC and we are excited for a Nando's.
Can't take us anywhere.
I can practically smell the weekend HOORAH

(top: Topshop, Shorts Topshop, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Satchel: Miss Selfridge)


Summer Mint with LOVE

Mint is THE colour of the season, and why the hell not, it looks amazing with a tan
 and these beaut's of dresses from the amazing LOVE team are my favourites.
 Sunny garden parties, after work drinks in the sun and summer festivals galore.
(note the key theme being - Sun)
As LOVE doesn't mass produce its clothing it's much more 'one-of-a-kind' than
traditional high street stores. Meaning no awkward 'wearing-the-same-dress' catastrophes

Check out these gorgeous dresses and more HERE

(unnecessary doodling - added by me - and what!)


Outfit post 8 - CLash

Sometimes the only way to wear patterns is head to toe,
I believe these two patterns look good together - so shoot me :S
A small photo spree occurred this weekend in my little apartment so lots more
outfits posts to come - HOORAY

I also decided to go gluten free from Friday for 2 weeks as a trial
to see if it make me feel better - fingers crossed - I'll keep you posted (literally, haha funny me)
how it goes.
Sorry I'm such an awkward smiler btw, my best friend told me I should smile
more in the photos I put on here. So blaim her for the grimace achieved in most posts.
 I am trying but when one's camera happens to be precariously perched on top of a several books AND a CD case, atop ones rickety clothes rack, just achieving a self timer seems medal worthy. 
''Oh shit, there goes the camera again''  is what my face is actually saying.
(Shoes and Cropped shirt- Urban outfitters, Baggy pants H&M)

NYC Photo Diary - part 2

Being tourists in the sun with my two best friends from home... perfect week! 
Back to my internships now wahhhhh.