Outfit post 6 - Neon Neon

Neon green? Yeah who knew right... It's everywhere at the moment
although I would say it's definitely a less is more situation, unless your channeling
ABBA or something equally horrific!
I also need neon green nail varnish in my life, but I am yet to find the right shade.
Might make it my purchase of the weekend, how Easter appropriate.
I am spending my Easter Saturday at Six Flags this weekend loving life and going crazy on to Coasters...

Happy Easter x

Jumper - $24.99, H&M
Neon Vest - $7.99, Forever 21
Belt - Vintage hand me down
Satchel - Miss Selfridge
Nail Varnish - Barry M
Cut out Wedges - Topshop, Lent to me by my bestie <3

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