Outfit post 4 - DM's

So I will never be the kind of  girl who gets streetstyle papped on some achingly cool sunny 
street corner in Soho, BUT that doesn't mean I can't enjoy trying...ok So Dr Martens might 
be a little ''try hard trudy'' or whatever but I like them I had a pair when I was littleand yes 
the piss was ripped out of me...My mother, however still stand by her choice of my shoe 
attire - because of their ''wonderful practicality''

So there you go... If you don't like them for liking them...like them for practicality and 
comfort - Read: shit loads of blisters! for the dedicated wearer

NB: I shall try to smile in forthcoming photos. I assure you I am more than capable!


  1. Cool pants. I just did a post on printed pants too - would love for you to check it out


    1. Just did... you have expensive taste... wish I could afford the rag and bone pants they are amazing!