Simply stunning.
 Photography by Zoey Grossman for Planet Blue in Foam Magazine
I wish.
 I could create photos like this
Gillian Zinser is perfect for this shoot.
Staring at the photo's makes me.happy.


Island Hopping - Wasteland

This is how I'm gonna look when I go island hopping round Greece this summer... I jest, I joke.
But seriously amazing styling! In love with the jacket in the first shot and the trousers in the second.
Take me to the sea pronto!

Shot by: Jason Lee Parry
Model: Amanda Charlwood


Outfit post 5 - What I wore to the Ballet

It was my first ever attendance to a Ballet, and I thought it was magical! Absolutely stunning and procise down to the last movement... inspired we came home and watched Black Swan  ... anyway here's what I wore

Top - 40 Topshop
Skirt - 43 Miss Selfridge
Shoes $15 Urban Outfitters
Socks 2.50 Primark
Belt - Vintage
Cardigan - Freebie from Work


Wild f o x

I think I need to stop perusing Wildfox's website dreaming of buying thing I can't afford!
but seriously LOOK at these shots - taken in Hawaii and modelled by the incredible
Charlotte Free - I think they would drive most bright young things to click 'add to basket'
knowing only fulwell that it is but a whimsicle pretence that they could even begin to afford,
oh say... the whole collection!!


Outfit post 4 - DM's

So I will never be the kind of  girl who gets streetstyle papped on some achingly cool sunny 
street corner in Soho, BUT that doesn't mean I can't enjoy trying...ok So Dr Martens might 
be a little ''try hard trudy'' or whatever but I like them I had a pair when I was littleand yes 
the piss was ripped out of me...My mother, however still stand by her choice of my shoe 
attire - because of their ''wonderful practicality''

So there you go... If you don't like them for liking them...like them for practicality and 
comfort - Read: shit loads of blisters! for the dedicated wearer

NB: I shall try to smile in forthcoming photos. I assure you I am more than capable!

Summer Haze

Summer of Love
The earthy background to these photos remind me of my amazing summer
in Switzerland last year working at Camp Suisse.
Reminds me how lucky I am to have been and how much
 I'm looking forward to going again this year... Summer Nostalgia

Photos from the Urban Outfitters Spring 2012 Catalogue
Via Studded Hearts


More NYC Photo Diary

Cute sign for Magnolia Bakery
Hard Rock with the cousins
Waiting for Mamma Mia to start
Friend's Apartment
Beautiful artwork in Greenwich Village
World Trade centre Memorial Park
Magnolia Bakery
New York Subway
Noodles in Brooklyn
Pink Pony Easy Village
Madison Square Park
Starbucks and Cupcake from MB