Outfit Post 2 - Brooklyn Vintage

So you find the most-perfect, beyond-gorgeous  dress, casually
 glance at the price tag.... and woahh overpriced much!

Pretty much an accurate representation of what occurs at every
 store I visit -  probably because I'm such a cheap freak.
Until my brilliant new flatmates took me shopping to Brooklyn one day
 and showed me the absolute treasure chest of pretty sparkly things,
that is, Beacons Closet.
I purchased this beautiful vintage dress for a mere $25,
bargain and a half!

I styled it with my cream faux fur coat from Miss Selfridge,
 gem encrusted bag also Miss Selfridge
and my favourite shoes at the moment
slash only heels I own by Urban Outfitters.


  1. such a great outfit! really pretty dress. love your style and your blog! :D <3

    1. Thank you, just getting started... much more to come :)

  2. LOVE this dress. I was hoping it wasn't vintage because I was about to go out and get one myself haha